Classes, classes and more classes!

I’ve been thinking about adding a calendar to the web page but so far haven’t managed to get that far. I think it would be a good addition, and my calendar is beginning to look pretty busy. And, I get asked frequently “when are you teaching this project”, “where are you teaching this project” and so on.

So I decided in lieu of getting a calendar page I’d aggregate all of the teaching dates currently on the calendar. This may take awhile and I’ll probably break it up into a couple of posts just to keep it from being too lengthy.

If you want information about any of the teaching events, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the class/event organizers. Some of them will allow ghosts, some don’t, but I’ll try to get you together with the coordinators so you can make your plans.

First up – Shining Needle Society classes! We are currently registering for an encore of Explorations, and a new class, Double Crossed. Registration continues through March 15, so get your registration in now! Classes will begin May 1. You can register for one or both!


This will be the third time we’ve offered Explorations through Shining Needle Society! It’s available in the three color ways shown, or as a chart only so you can develop your own color way. Something I do with my Shining Needle Society classes is video stitch demonstrations – as a student you’ll have access to these videos so you can see how a crescent, walneto, jessicas, etc., are developed, not just line diagrams.

Double Crossed

Double Crossed is a new offering with Shining Needle Society. It was on the schedule for ANG National Seminar 2016, but was canceled. This is a smallish project, and features double fan doubleds, Chilly Hollow stitch, layered crescents, and several background areas. I selected a ecru/pink color scheme for the model, but it’s also available in an ecru/green or ecru/blue palette. And, you can select chart only to create your own color way.

Double Crossed Blue Color WayDouble Crossed Green Color Way

Next up are someĀ of face to face classes.

I’ll be teaching Angles as a 3 day class in two venues. March 13-15 I’ll be teaching in Tucson, and March 31 – April 2 I’ll be teaching at Kelsey’s in Placerville, CA. I think that there are still some openings for both venues, but if you’re interested let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the event organizers. And, I think ghosts are allowed for both classes.


One more for this rather lengthy post, Sonata. This is a brand new project, and I’ll be teaching in Phoenix March 17-18, and June 16-17 in the Los Angeles area.


Sonata is available in a warm (red/orange/yellow) or neutral (ecru/olive) color way, in addition to the cool (blue/lavender/green) color way shown.

That’s enough for today – tomorrow I’ll let you know about other classes coming up.

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