More Classes!

Yesterday I posted about the first few classes on my calendar, today I’ll continue that.

In July I’ll be teaching for the Needle Arts Mystery Retreat, July 19-22 in Warrensville, a suburb of Chicago. I can’t show a picture, because the project is a mystery! But we always have a great time. This is our 12th year, and we’d love for all of you to join us. We do allow ghosts, so check it out.

In August I’m back at American Needlepoint Guild National Seminar, Aug. 25-Sep. 1, in Anaheim, CA. I’m scheduled to teach a 4 day class, Divisions, and a 2 day class, Ablaze.


Divisions is available in 2 color ways, and features a lot of different stitching areas with several different textures.


Ablaze is a little twist on a band sampler, with a corner motif featuring a herringbone square and a maltese interlace. Lots of fun and bright colors, perfect for Anaheim!

I’ll be in Detroit in September, teaching Sonata for the Monguagan EGA chapter September 15-16. 


I’ll finish 2017 teaching assignments in October for Stitch N Play at Mandalay, CA, Oct. 19-22. I’ll be teaching Explorations as a 4 day class, always lots of fun!


Tomorrow I’ll list what I have on the calendar for 2018. Let me know if you need the contact info for any of the class coordinators, and I’ll get you in touch.



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