Even Designers Have a Change Of Heart

OK, confession time – how many of you have started a project, then lost interest? You were excited when you bought the chart, loved the threads when you pulled them, couldn’t wait to put in the first stitches, then your interest waned and the project got put aside. I know in my conversations with stitchers that it’s not at all unusual for you to have several projects going at once. Some have large projects at home and smaller projects for travel, or different types of projects (an ornament, a sampler, a canvas project, etc.), or just lots of projects because you are serial starters. Not judging here! It’s your hobby, you get to do it however you want!

I’ve almost always had only one project at a time, even when I was just a stitcher and not yet a designer. The year I stitched an entire double afghan, I only stitched that afghan and nothing else until it was done. As a designer working under deadline pressure that has been a good thing, most of the time.

But occasionally, it gets in the way. Case in point – my current design. The concept was relatively simple. I was inspired to design some dimensional flowers, not quite stumpwork, that could be used as individual motifs for home dec or clothing accessories. I designed six flowers, worked out the mechanics of the designs, pulled threads and fabric, even bought finishing materials. And I stitched the first one.

For some reason I haven’t identified, I’m not in love with the project anymore. I don’t want to stitch any more petals. I don’t want to see how they are going to turn out. So I have made the decision to lay this project aside for awhile, and perhaps come back to it later.

This is not an easy decision. When a design is not going well, or I’m not enthusiastic about it, or a problem is not easy to resolve, I am paralyzed and unable to stitch further. I find myself blocked, stifled, strangled, all creativity ceasing. Sometimes I force myself to struggle through, and it pays off. Case in point – Tahiti Triangles. I absolutely hated the design about halfway through the design process, then really struggled when I began stitching it, I think because I started with the yellow band and I really don’t like yellow. To date, Tahiti Triangles is our best-selling design!

This time, though, I’m calling a halt to the flowers, at least for the moment. And when I made the decision, though difficult, it was like opening a door. Over the last few hours I was able to design the next Bon Bon. And I feel at least another design or two percolating in the background, so as soon as I get home from Nashville I’ll get busy on those. I’ll keep the flowers supplies out, and may play around with them since they’re small and portable. Who knows? The flowers may bloom this summer!

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