Finishing Friday – Spring Quilt Block

I finished the Spring Quilt Block a couple of weeks ago, and have been thinking about how to finish it ever since. I’m one of those stitchers who finish EVERYTHING. I don’t have any stitched pieces sitting in a box, everything has been framed, made into a standup, put in a box top or finished somehow.

So I’ve been thinking about how to finish this small project. Framing it seemed to be overkill. I had Quilt Block 1 made into a fabulous stand up and didn’t want to go the same route this time. Wall hanging? Where would I hang it? Pillow – same question, where would it go. But as I thought about it, I decided a pillow would be a good finish. It can go on the table where I have my other spring-y pieces, a nice complement to the floral arrangement and stand ups that are already on the table.

But I didn’t want it to be a big puffy overstuffed pillow from one of the pre-made pillow forms. I pictured it more flattish. So I decided to fill it with batting, probably 2 or 3 layers, enough to be puffy but not too puffy.

Now, the piece isn’t finished yet. I’ll work on that this week. I did manage to go shopping today and found some fabrics.

Fabrics for finishing Spring Quilt Block

I love the yellow fabric! The others are kind of meh, but the best of what’s available in my very small, very rural town without a fabric store. My plans are to make the back with the purple fabric, and layer the other fabrics in strips around the design – yellow closest to the design, then the blue, the green and the purple.

Cording for finishing

I’m going to try to make some cording with the yellow fabric to finish off the edge. The reason why I say “try” is because I haven’t really stitched much at all for several years. In my past life I made most of my clothes and my children’s clothes, a few quilts, Halloween and Christmas nativity costumes, even some Roman shades. But it’s been years since I stitched much at all, so this will be an adventure to see if I can do with my sewing machine what I think I can do in my head.

I’ll keep you posted!

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