From Prototype to Project

Earlier I designed a project for a round finish into a kissing ball, and it turned into a KissingBallprototype. Normally I hate stitching something more than once, but this time it was a useful exercise. I learned stitches that would work, and stitches that wouldn’t, like Rhodes stitches. Also, because of the steps used in the finish, I don’t think overdyed or non-colorfast threads would be appropriate either.

But, the prototype served its purpose and I’m ready to move forward with the actual project. Gilded Splendor is one of four new ornaments that I’ll release in a single booklet, hopefully at the Winter Show in Phoenix in late January.

Since the Rhodes stitches were too prominent in the design, I made the border stitch around the center band a rice over trellis stitch. It also allowed me to incorporate more gold into that part of the design. I decided I liked a heavier gold braid for the trame’ in the victorian step section in the center, so that was another change. The upper and lower parts of the design were mostly unchanged, but I did use fewer strands for the satin stitches. For the finish this time I made my own bow instead of buying a bow; the available bows would have overwhelmed the smaller size of the ball. I also added a gold trim to the white gimp braid around the pleated fabric to dress it up a bit more.

For the next design in the series I’m going to scale down a bit, and try a 4″ ball to see if I like that size. My vision for the final set of four is to include two 6″ designs and two 4″ designs, all in white and gold. I have some yummy ivory and gold dupioni satin for the finishes, and plan to make the bows for the other three on my holiday trip. My mother-in-law taught me to make wreath bows several years ago, and I need a refresher when I’m at her house, so I’ll arrive with all the supplies and can hopefully come home with the bows I need!

If I don’t get to write another entry before the holidays, I hope all of you have the happiest of holidays!

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