From Start to Finish: Problem Solving

My vision for Diamond Delight 10 always included an unconventional addition – tulle. This has led to some creative problem solving and managing the tulle as the project developed. Unlike Black Magic, where the tulle was added last and tacked in place, I wanted to stitch on the tulle, create layers with it, and incorporate it from the beginning.

I have a few more things to do with the tulle, but as I neared the end of the stitching I ran Diamond Delight 10 center with tulleinto a problem. Mostly I’ve been working the design from the center out, which made the counting easy. However, after the center diamond was completed, I realized if the exterior border was in place the counting would be easier for the remaining motifs and patterns. But, the tulle would be finally tacked in place by the exterior border, and I didn’t want to try to stitch under the tulle if it was being held in place by the exterior border.

The final border stitch is a composite stitch called Katie’s cross. The nature of the stitch katie's cross in colormakes it perfect for several different threads, and my plan was to use several different threads. So I decided to stitch the base of the stitch, shown in yellow, to establish the outside perimeter and give me the easy counting I wanted, and save the rest of it for later to tack the tulle in the final stages of the project.

Diamond Delight 10 cornerI still have a larger problem to solve: what to put in the corners! The large center diamond is symmetrical, by design. I initially chose four corner motifs, all somewhat diamond shaped, enclosed by a square, carrying on the “diamond in a square” idea, for the corners. But that left large unstitched areas that surround the corners, and when I began stitching I had no idea what would be going in the areas. I did something I’ve never done before – I started stitching before the design was complete, hoping that as I stitched the areas would “tell” me what needed to go there.

I still have no real clue what needs to go in the bare areas, thinking that I will settle on some kind of open background stitch. So it’s back to the stitch reference books, paging through hoping for inspiration. The end is in sight, but not here yet!

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