Getting back to it!

I have finally stopped traveling this year and have had a chance to catch my breath. Now is the time to get things ready to publish, create new designs, work out some intriguing stitches, and breathe!

First up is a new release in time for Halloween, Halloween Stake Outs. This is a leaflet of 3 small designs, all cross stitch and back stitch (no specialty stitches), over 2 on 28 ct. Picture This Plus Oaken.

Halloween Stake Out

I flat finished them then put them on a dowel, tied with lots of ribbons. My original intent was to decorate house plants with them, but I don’t have any houseplants due to my eternally black thumb. But you could certainly add them to your house plants for your Halloween decor, or finish them as ornaments.

Each one is small, about 3″ x 4″, and stitch up very quickly. Tomorrow I’ll tell you a little more about each one, but that’s enough for today!

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