New Halloween designs continued

My last post I shared some new Halloween designs. Today I’m going to zoom in on the designs and give you close ups!

First up is Boo! I had fun with this one. After stitching it I decided to add some glow in the dark googly eyes from the craft store and I think it turned out great!

BooBooNightSomeone asked if it could be stitched using glow in the dark thread – of course! I didn’t use any metallics or specialty threads on any of the designs, but I think they can certainly be added if desired.

I used 8mm glow in the dark eyes and glued them in place after I had mounted the fabric for the flat finish. I figured it would be easier to place the eyes if I had a stable surface, since I had to use fabric glue to set the eyes in place.

A word about the finishing: I did a flat finish, such as is usually used for ornaments. To flat finish, first iron the fabric to remove any wrinkles from stitching or hoops. (Note: I didn’t wash the fabric after stitching; I usually don’t wash my pieces after stitching. The fabric I used was a hand-dyed fabric and I didn’t want any alterations in the finish. I used DMC floss which should be color fast, but things happen and I didn’t want to chance it. Plus, I seldom wash my finished pieces because I’m usually on canvas and you don’t wash canvas.) I had 2 pieces of mat board, 4″ x 5″, so just larger than the stitched design. I put the design on one piece of mat board, folding the edges to the back and mitering the corners, then glued in place. I finished the edges with grosgrain ribbon, laying the pieces of ribbon along each edge; leave about 1″-2″ overhanging the edges. Fold the ribbon edges to the back and glue in place. Then take the other piece of mat board and cover the back of the first piece, glueing in place; this covers the edges of the fabric and ribbon and gives a neat finish. I used hot glue to glue a dowel stick to the back of the finished piece, then tied multiple ribbons at the bottom edge.

Wow, that’s enough for today – next I’ll highlight the other two designs. But here’s the take away for today – use glow in the dark threads!

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