New Halloween designs – the end!

Today I’m going to focus on the last two designs in the leaflet, No Tricks and All Treats.


Is that a spooky looking jack o’ lantern? I didn’t want him to look too spooky! My Jack goes with the second part, All Treats:


Several years ago I saw a t-shirt that said “no tricks, all treats” and that sums up my Halloween philosophy. I don’t really go in for the scary stuff like witches, ghosts and skeletons, but I do like the treats! So this little design features candy corn, wrapped candy and suckers (no chocolates, didn’t want to infringe on trademarks!).

How can you dress up these two little designs? Well, how about overstitching the candy with a shiny thread like Kreinik #4 032 or blending filament 032? That would add a little shine to the candy to make it look like candy wrapped in cellophane. You could even do a little padding on the candy if you wanted, to make it more rounded. Here’s how – lay threads in straight lines within the shape of the candy before stitching. This will give you a little bit of padding. You could even lay some felt or a tiny bit of fiberfill under the long threads before cross stitching, but you’ll need to have a pretty loose tension as you cross stitch so you don’t lose the padding effect, so the cross stitches lay on top of the padding and don’t sink into it. Or, put some fiberfill under the candy before you finish it, making a “bump” under the candy. You’ll need to be careful that the bumps don’t shift when you’re finishing it, but I think it would probably be effective.

Have fun with these little designs. You still have plenty of time to stitch and finish to add to your Halloween decor!

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