Here A Thread, There A Thread…Part 3

Continuing my discourse about which threads I use and why I use them! Before I leave the solid cottons though, I haven’t mentioned Anchor. I don’t use Anchor because it’s not available in my area, and I have never been able to get any from the distributors. This brings up an important point in my use of threads – how I get my threads.

For the most part, thread companies are eager to send designers threads to use in projects. Several companies send designers their entire lines for free. If the threads are readily available, and at hand, the designer will not be impeded in the design process or slowed down in any way when stitching a model. Other companies will send threads on request; I contact them to let them know which threads I’d like to use, and they send them to me. But frequently, like other stitchers, I find myself at the local shop, looking at the threads on display, and buy threads at retail to use in my models.

I find distinct advantages to buying threads at retail. It’s incredibly helpful to be able to wander around the shop, pulling from different thread lines (including some I don’t have) to see which threads will work best together. I do have my threads at home organized, but not laid out so prettily like they are at the shop! Plus, some of my overdyed threads are from older dye lots, and I like to be able to see what’s currently being offered in dye lots.

Secondly, buying at retail gives me a good, practical idea of how much it costs to stitch one of my projects. I do try to be conscientious when selecting threads for a design. If I put a thread in a design, I’ll use more than half of the reel or skein. I will never include a thread and only use a tiny bit of it. I hated that as a stitcher, and won’t do it as a designer. So, buying threads for a design at retail keeps me in touch with the cost that stitchers are paying.

Third, and this may be most important, it helps to keep my local shop in business. Going into a shop, seeing all of the threads and fabrics, looking at the embellishments, chatting with stitchers – what a treasure! So I do my part to keep my local shop in business. I could save costs by requesting threads from manufacturers, which they are more than happy to supply. It takes a bit longer, and when my local shop doesn’t have the threads available I still have that resource available. But, I still love going to the local shop and buying the threads when possible.

Next time – specialty threads!

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