Here’s what’s been happening at DebBee’s Designs


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post! I have been super busy, and here’s what I’ve been doing.

I got back from EGA National Seminar ready to start the procedure to propose classes. That meant I had to have some classes to propose! So I started designing and stitching, and proposed several classes for ANG National Seminar 2016 in New Orleans. Three classes were accepted, so I’ll be teaching 7 days at ANG National! Super excited that the hard work, endless days and sleepness nights paid off!

In the midst of developing new classes, I was reminded of a commitment for a project for ANG Needlepointers magazine. Ooops! Completely slipped off my radar. So I hustled around and designed, stitched and wrote instructions for the magazine. Be watching for “Baskets, Blooms and Butterflies” in the May issue. I stitched it with all Treenway Silks, and Susan at Treenway put together a thread pack for the project.

Then, I had to get ready for the Nashville market. I had one large design already completed, with threads pulled, but it wasn’t stitched so more sleepless nights. I had one of a pair of samplers stitched, and got a model stitcher to complete the other one. I had 1/3 of a cross stitch series stitched, but had to stitch and finish the models for the other 2/3. Then, literally the week before market, I decided I needed another counted canvas piece, so I designed and stitched Glitz & Glamour Silver.

I am doing a class with Shining Needle Society, so I had to finalize details for that, take registrations, place a huge supply order for the kits, and all this while getting ready for market!

Of course we had Thanksgiving and Christmas in the midst of all this. Plus, our new Sheltie puppy had to go to puppy class one night a week. My husband’s grandmother died and we had to travel for the funeral. I got sick over the holidays, recovered, then we both got the flu – mild cases for both of us, thanks to Tamiflu.

We made it to market with our 4 new releases, and I’ve been designing and stitching, filling orders, and just generally doing business since we got back. It’s been a terribly busy four months, but the mad dash (is it a dash if it’s for that long?) is basically over. Now it’s just work every day, like the rest of you! Some people think designers get to stitch all day – I wish that were true! I’m itching to stitch but haven’t had time due to everything else that HAS TO BE DONE TODAY.

I’ll post more about each of our new releases later, but in the meantime, enjoy the picture of Kaleidoscope, my new large counted canvas piece. Details in the next post!

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