Is There a Conversion for That?

In several earlier posts I discussed my thread choices for my designs. Sometimes I use threads that are not readily available in every local needlework shop, and I’m asked, “is there a conversion for that?” Sometimes I’ve worked out a conversion, sometimes I haven’t, but this post today is about conversions.

Under the “About” tab, you’ll find a page called “Conversions”. When I have worked out a conversion, you’ll find it there. Usually the conversion is from the thread I used to a DMC alternate. These conversions are not from a thread table, but are done individually by eye, with the actual thread in hand and working from a DMC thread card.

Please bear in mind that the conversions are not exact. The reason I used a different thread in the first place, usually, is because I couldn’t find the precise color I wanted in DMC so I went to an alternate source. So your final project, if stitched with the conversion threads, will not look exactly like my model.

Occasionally I am asked for conversions for thread types, that is, from a highly textured thread to cotton floss. I don’t do these conversions. The texture is a part of the design. So the conversions I offer are for different colors only. If I can substitute cotton floss for silk floss, I don’t mind those types of conversions. But I won’t convert rayon ribbon to cotton floss, for instance – that’s a different texture, and not a suitable substitute.

Stitchers are sometimes surprised to find that the color is usually not a part of my design. I add the color after the design is completed. That’s why it’s so easy to change the colors in my designs, and stitchers do! If you’ve stitched one of my designs in a different color way, and would like to share with other stitchers, please send me a picture and a list of the threads you used, and we’ll put it on our Conversions page as well.

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