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The relationship between a designer and a stitcher is a somewhat anonymous one. I design, write the instructions, and send them out to the shops. I almost never know who buys the design, or stitches it, unless someone sends me an email or a picture (which I love, by the way!). I get to meet the retailers at the trade shows, and greatly anticipate that. But I seldom, if ever, know the stitchers.

I’d like to change that. Even though I don’t sell directly to stitchers, I still want to communicate. I want to know who is stitching my designs, how you’ve changed the colors, if you have a challenge I can help you through. Do you have an idea for a new design, a favorite stitch to share? Or a color scheme I’ve missed somewhere?

Of course we have a Facebook page for DebBee’s Designs, but even if you have “liked” the page you may not receive it in your newsfeed, because Facebook doesn’t put it in everyone’s newsfeed. That is a little too haphazard and iffy for me!

So we’re asking for stitchers to subscribe to our mailing list for DebBee’s Designs. We’ll send you a quick email when I’ve updated my blog, or will be teaching somewhere, or have a new Facebook post. Exclusively for subscribers from time to time, we’ll be sending newsletters with additional info, first looks at new designs, links to video stitch diagrams and other goodies as we make them available.
Use the sign up form on the right menu bar to subscribe. If you’re a retailer who does not already receive our newsletter, you can enter your shop name and we’ll move you to the newsletter list. Otherwise leave the company field empty. We promise not to sell your name to anyone (wouldn’t know how or to who), fill your inbox with a bunch of stuff (who has time for that?), or misuse your trust.

I’m looking forward to hearing from more of you – I really want to know who is stitching my designs, what you think of them, and ways I can help.

2 thoughts on “Keeping In Touch”

  1. I won the pattern tropical punch from a contest and I can’t wait to get it it is so pretty I might need your help with the materials and some of those stitches
    Looking forward to talking to you soon.
    Karen Leary

    1. Thanks Karen! Be watching for a blog post on conversions – that may help with acquiring some of the materials. I’ve done a conversion to DMC threads for some of the specialty threads in Tropical Punch. I’ll be publishing the blog post later this evening, and putting up the conversions then as well. I’m so glad you like the design, I spent a lot of time on getting it just the way I wanted it. If you have any trouble with the stitches just let me know and I’ll do what I can to help you.

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