Making a studio space part 1

I shared recently that we moved to a different state June 1. Since we moved I’ve been to Rogers, AR; Charleston, WV; Chicago, IL; Baltimore, MD (twice!), and Houston, TX, all for teaching assignments. That has left little time to get things organized and orderly. I’m through with teaching assignments for a little while, so it’s time to tackle the mess!

Wow, what a mess! It’s a nice big room, with lots of possibilities, but bringing order out of the chaos will take some time.

Some of what’s currently in the room will be moved to storage, like shipping boxes. Some of the boxes belong to my husband and will be finding a different home shortly. There are a couple of tables that will be moved to a new home as well. The rest – well, the rest needs to be culled and organized into a workable space.

Once all this stuff gets moved around I plan to have a lovely chair with a table, so I can do computer work and stitch. The chair is already bought, a high-leg recliner that my System 4 stand will slide under. But I have to move some of the stuff out of the way in order to put the chair in the window. Hidden under all of the boxes in the corner are my sewing machine and serger. I hope to have them accessible for finishing.

The picture boxes will be emptied, and the contents hung around my office space. It’s amazing how many picture boxes still need to be emptied! I have a lot of needlework, and I love to have it hanging for inspiration.

The floor under my cutting table is one of those jigsaw mats, very cushy, and nice for standing to assemble kits and cut canvas. I hope to have storage for the all the paper close to the printer and binding equipment, with threads and other supplies on the opposite wall.

I have a plan, now to execute it! I’ll keep you posted as to my progress.

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