Making progress in the chaos

I’ve started moving some things around and planning the organization for my new office space. It’s very slow going!

The first thing I did was to move all of my tubs of models. I have over 200 models, and need some place to store them. Only a couple of them are framed, so hanging them is not really an option. And, I can’t get rid of them. Maybe someday, but not today!

I started with the models because I knew what I was going to do with them. The rest of the stuff, not so much.

The next thing I tackled was the stores of printed charts (not a whole lot since I print on demand), threads for kits, kit supplies, and some other things. And I discovered something very important: it’s more important that I bring about some order, than culling and getting rid of stuff. I can do that another time, a little at a time. Right now, I need to get things off the floor, in some semblance of order, so I can move some furniture and tables around. Some of the furniture is going to different rooms, and tables are being swapped from one room to another. My husband’s office needs to be brought to order as well as mine. So I revamped my priorities a little, just to get things stored away. I was able to empty several boxes, combine some things and get rid of some things, just not the wholesale cleansing that’s needed.

So the racks now contain my printed charts, supplies for kits and some other things that will be gone through later. The red containers at the end are my rolls of canvas. The large cabinet will contain beading supplies and some other things eventually. Progress is being made!

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