Office progress – almost there!

I’ve been diligently working to get my office/studio in good working order, and I’m almost there.

I have a comfortable recliner to sit in while working on my computer, and for stitching. (Note: the Sheltie sleeping is not a permanent fixture!) I still have a few boxes to unpack and get my sewing machine/serger together, but we’re close.

I have my thread cabinets all lined up. I need to go through them to do some culling and organizing, but they’re usable as is for the time being.

It’s amazing how much thread I have, and yet I still have trouble finding just exactly the right thing for the current project!

My working table is set up on a cushioned mat, which makes it easier to stand and put kits together, or cut canvas, or bind the edges of the canvas.

I still have to go through A LOT of the tubs lined up against the wall. I’ve been through some of them, and have managed to get rid of some things, but I still need to get through the rest of them. One box at a time!

For now, I have a nice workable space. It looks a bit cluttered still, but I’ll get that in hand eventually. I still have to set up my video space, and I’m eager to do that so I can move on to the next projects I’m wanting to do. But progress has been made!

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