Musings on color

I’m working on a new design, and ran into a roadblock. You see, the colors I thought¬†I wanted to use, I didn’t want to use once I started stitching. Sigh.

Of course, when I discovered this I didn’t have access to my tools that I usually use when selecting colors, or my local shop. I was traveling and had only the chart, the canvas and the threads I thought I wanted to use with me.

So, after some Googling, I made a trip to the local big box store to see if they would have the threads I wanted to use. I’m always reluctant to bring my thread bag with me into a store, since I don’t always have receipts for the threads I’ve already bought and don’t want to be accused of shop lifting! But, I did take in the overdyed thread I was using to hopefully use that as a reference.

Computers are a wonderful thing, but trying to guess at colors from looking at a computer screen is not the best course of action. I refer to actual thread color cards for most of my color selections. (By the way, did you know that you can get a new DMC color card with actual threads, which includes the newly released colors! A wonderful resource for every stitcher!) I made a list of the colors that I guessed might work, and headed off to the store.

Some of the threads on my list I rejected right off. I bought probably an additional dozen skeins of floss, when I only needed 3, but I needed to test the colors with the other threads in the project and didn’t want to have to go back to the store. The leftover floss will go in my stash for another time.

And I had an “ah ha!” moment when I had all the threads and was deciding which ones to use. The thread doesn’t have to match – it has to go.¬†Do you understand that?

The original threads I had selected matched with my overdyed pretty well, but they didn’t go. They didn’t play nicely together. And that’s why I had to scrap what I had selected, and make other choices.

So now, off to play with my threads and make sure they “go”. I’ll post pictures of my progress a little later. I’ll take you through this project step by step, starting tomorrow.

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