New Year’s Goals

Notice I didn’t say resolutions! It’s always appropriate to think about goal setting, not just on New Year’s Day. With that in mind, here are my goals for 2016.

Submit more teaching proposals. I’ve been working on teaching projects, and have done pretty well for just getting started with this aspect of my business. In 2016 I’ll be teaching for Great Lakes Region seminar in April, the Needle Arts Mystery Retreat in July, and ANG National Seminar in August. I’d like to have a couple of Shining Needle Society classes in 2016. And I’m working on proposals for seminars for 2017. Hopefully travel will be in my future!

Here’s Angles, a class I’ll be teaching at ANG National Seminar in August:


Update my website. This should be a relatively easy goal to achieve, but life interferes. I want to add a page for my teaching projects, to make it easier for groups to see what I have available and when. And I need to keep new projects added as needed.

Stay on top of social media. Currently I try to keep up with my Facebook page and my blog, plus the Facebook page for Needle Arts Mystery Retreat. And I have email lists for NAMR, my retailers and consumers. It’s a chore to stay on top of all these things, and I confess I haven’t done a stellar job. Maybe 2016 will be the year I develop more regular habits!

Stitch more. What?! Don’t I stay home and stitch all day?! I wish I did! But with all the above, sometimes there isn’t much time for stitching. And I admit Candy Crush and Words with Friends takes their toll on my time. So for 2016 it’s time to focus more and stitch more!

Finish organizing my business room. I made a start this year, culling things I no longer need, trying to put my thread lines in an orderly fashion so I can find threads and not buy duplicates, and moving everything scattered throughout the house into a single room. I’ll share more about this later, but I’d like to finish the job sometime this year.

To achieve these goals I’ve set up a daily schedule that will hopefully help me stay on track better. I have certain activities that are a part of everyday life, like walking the dogs, breakfast and lunch. But I’ve put on my schedule design time, stitching time, social media and organization, so hopefully every day I’ll be able to accomplish something.

That’s probably enough for now – time for the parades! Wishing all of you the best in 2016!

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