Ooh and Aah – a July Light Show!

Kit of the Month 2022 July Light Show

Our son-in-law’s birthday is July 4, and growing up he thought the fireworks displays were for him! Of course now he knows differently – fireworks displays are for everyone!

I love a fireworks display, and try to enjoy one every year. I’m not a fan of shooting off my own fireworks; I’d rather watch the big displays!

For this month’s design I chose exploding stars in bright glittery colors, against a black canvas to make the colors pop.

For those who hate stitching on black canvas, and I’m one of them, I tried it on dark blue first. But the colors didn’t pop, and I changed to black canvas. Wow, what a difference!

Even if you hate stitching on black, the end result is worth it. And it’s a small project, only 4″ x 4″, so it will be quickly stitched and done. Plus, there’s some leeway for where the stars are placed, quite forgiving for a minor counting error or two.

Our July kit features an 8″ x 8″ square of black 18 ct. mono deluxe canvas with taped edges; full cards of Rainbow Gallery Petite Silk Lame’ Braid in 5 colors – SP14 Blue, SP38 Caribbean, SP53 Crimson, SP84 Dark Orchid and SP126 Canary Yellow, and a size 22 tapestry needle.

Finish everything off with our coordinating finishing kit, including fabric and matboard. Super easy, and saves you the trouble of finding the matboard, cutting it (watch out for your fingers), shopping for the fabric, buying more than you need, etc.

For this month’s finishing kit I’ve included a piece of black canvas, to put between the white matboard and the stitched design, so the white matboard doesn’t show through.

After you’ve stitched and finished your project, show it off on our display stand, specially created for this project in purple with red starbursts!

As always, we hope you’ll enjoy July’s Kit of the Month, your very own Light Show!

2 thoughts on “Ooh and Aah – a July Light Show!”

  1. Received my kits (both stitching and finishing) today . They are great! I learned from stitching “Fantasia” that the black canvas is not nearly as bad as stitching on black Aida or linen. The canvas holes are large enough that light shines through and made stitching very easy, especially with a light from above and a white cloth below. I use a white towel or pillow case. I love the bright colors. Debbie, thanks for another great kit that is reasonably priced!

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