Organized thoughts

Many of us view the new year as an opportunity to organize – clean house, get our personal lives organized by dieting and exercising, get our thoughts organized by reading more. And those beautiful displays of storage tubs in the DIY stores are so inspiring!

During my holiday travels, while trying to sleep in unfamiliar guest beds, I spent a couple of nights thinking about reorganizing my stock room, aka the guest bedroom. In its current state it’s usable, but just barely. I have about 30 complete thread lines, rolls of canvas, beads, crystals, and so on, plus remnants from early on when DebBee’s Designs offered kits. We no longer offer kits, but each kit had its own drawer in a 6-drawer system, and I decided to reorder my threads into those drawers, and remove the leftovers from the kitting. But, I don’t have oodles of time to devote, so I’m doing it just a little at a time.

I started with the Kreinik, removing the jumbled reels from the tackle boxes where they lived and putting them in the drawers:

Drawers for storage

Because I have so much Kreinik, I divided the reels by type – 2 drawers of Blending Filament, 3 drawers of #4 Braid, 3 drawers of #8 Braid, etc. Within the drawers, I organized the reels by number, laid in rows. I can see the colors instantly, and they are easily taken in and out:

Inside the drawer

I can also quickly see when I have duplicates – yikes, so many blues and golds! I’m seeing a trend! But it’s easy to stack duplicates without having to completely rearrange every drawer.

Then I thought to put the Kreinik Silk Mori in a drawer as well, and the skeins look very pretty in the same method:

Silk skeins

Organized by number, but still very easy to see colors when I need to pick threads for a new design. If I can find my color card, I’ll put it in the drawer as well.

My Kreinik is all organized now, and it has paid off – the other night I needed a specific color of #8 Braid, and went right to the drawer and pulled it out. Previously it would have taken several minutes of searching through 3 jumbled boxes, easy to overlook and frustrating to search. So I’m happy with the effort, about 9 hours total.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

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