What’s In A Name?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but a good name is essential for a new design. And I find myself stuck, for the first time ever, when it comes to naming a new design. So we’re having a contest!

This contest is going to be quick, only a few days, because this new design is going to be released at the Nashville Needlearts Market Feb. 15. I have to have the name for the project for the advance promotion we do to the retailers who are going to be at the market, and advance promotion begins next week! Aack!

The contest is for subscribers to our email list. Who better to come up with a name for a DebBee’s Designs project than our fans? Sign up for the email list on the right side of the web page – we’ll send you the email with the contest details.

Here’s a sneak peek of a portion of the design:

Sneak peek!

Email subscribers will see the full design in the email with the contest rules. We’ll post the full picture next week on the website, after we have a name! So to see it first, you need to be an email subscriber.

A word about our email list – it is ONLY for DebBee’s Designs information. We do not share the list with anyone else. In fact, the contest announcement will be the first email we’ve sent. We won’t flood your inbox with a bunch of stuff you don’t want to read, just things you’ll hopefully find of interest about DebBee’s Designs.

So, I hope you’ll sign up for our email, so you can get the contest rules and information, and see the full picture of our new design. I’m eager to see what my friends come up with for naming the new design.

And did I mention that there will be a prize? The winner will receive an advance autographed chart of the new design! Start thinking of names, and sign up for the email. The contest announcement goes out Wednesday, Jan. 22.

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