And the winner is…

It seems fitting that we should have our first contest during the entertainment world’s awards season! I almost want to get all dressed up, find a red carpet somewhere and stroll into a glittering room filled with celebrities to make the announcement of our winner!

Well, almost. It’s really too cold everywhere in the country to get too dressed up, and fancy shoes hurt my feet. But we can still celebrate the winner of our contest, Linda K of Saskatoon, Canada! In her winning entry, Linda said, “This design reminds me of a formal palace garden with fountains, flowers and an herb garden in the middle so I think it should be ‘Royal Garden’.”

Royal Garden sm

We had 111 entries submitted, with hardly any duplications. “Purple Passion” was sugggested 18 times, but for the most part all of the entries were unique submissions. I’ll post a list of all of the entries on the website later, so you all can see the wonderful names I’ve seen over the past few days.

Many thanks to all who participated in the contest, and helped with my creative block in naming the new design!

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