Sparkly Snowman Ornament 2023

Sparkly Snowman Ornament 2023


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Happy holidays from DebBee’s Designs! Every year I create an ornament design which I gift to everyone who supports DebBee’s Designs. Who doesn’t love a snowman? For 2023 I designed a snowman made up of several small stitches with sparkly white threads. You may print it off, or save it on your device, but please don’t share it; if you have friends who might like it please direct them to our website where they can download their own chart. I know some of you like to share with stitching friends, so please share the link instead of the chart.

Sparkly Snowman Ornament 2023 Leaflet

We’ve begun offering a kit for the ornament, a complete kit with canvas, thread, needle, crystals, fabric and mounting board for finishing, and snowman arms (cording and glue not included). A printed leaflet is included, and the price includes shipping in a flat rate Priority mail envelope.

I’ve seen several designs lately made up of small stitches, and this snowman gave me the opportunity to play with the concept. I chose very pale icy colors for the snowman’s cap but if you want to change that you may, using brighter colors or colors that match your holiday decorating. It only takes a little, so dive into that stash and create something fun!

I used hot fix crystals for the snowman’s eyes, buttons, nose and mouth, but french knots in black sparkly threads (again, just a little leftover from another project) will also work. Hot fix crystals are easy to apply using a special tool, or a household iron – just touch the tip of the heated iron to the crystal to activate the glue. Or, use craft glue to attach them, just a tiny bit on a toothpick for better control.

Don’t you love the snowman’s arms? We created them a couple of years ago for our Welcome Winter Kit of the Month, and I thought this was another good application for them. Or, use any bits of leftover thread to make long straight stitches, probably about 2 or 3 side by side, then couch over the stitches to make sure they don’t shift around.

My snowman is all white, but you can make it colorful if you want! Who says snowmen always have to be white? When I designed it I laid out each stitch in a color, and the finished chart looked pretty nice. The stitches are not complex – Rhodes, Jessicas, upright cross, cross, herringbone square, tied oblong cross, eyelets, in varied sizes. And, I wrote the instructions so that you see a complete chart for each stitch; it should be easy to follow. The instructions also include an outline chart, so if you want to trace it onto your canvas before stitching you may (I didn’t, but some may find it helpful).

The instructions include a flat ornament finish, and if you’d like to watch how I do it here’s a video:

Flat Ornament Finish Video

I purchased some silver cording from the local craft shop in the holiday section, or you may even have some in your gift wrapping stash! It doesn’t take much to finish an ornament, and give you a festive ornament to hang on your tree or add to your decorating.

Supplies of the kit are limited, but the chart itself is free by download. I hope you enjoy our Sparkly Snowman


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