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Tapestry Tastings Monochromatic color way

ANG National Seminar is always the best time! I’m so pleased to let you know about the classes I’ll be teaching – hopefully at least one of them will entice you to venture to Tucson.

More info and details for ANG National Seminar

Over the next several posts I’ll introduce the classes I’ll be teaching. Of course, lots of other teachers are offering lots of other classes – you can mix and match to take the classes you want from the many teachers.

Tapestry Tastings is a sampler of 16 different counted canvas stitches or patterns. Arranged in a four by four grid, you’ll find several large motifs, border stitches, large pattern area, even a personal plaid that you’ll design!

Choose from four different color ways – you should find something appealing. This is a four day class and will cover lots of stitches, but all are very doable.

I hope you like my Tapestry Tastings, a sampling menu of counted canvas stitches!

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