Shameless plug

I don’t do this very often but today I’m making a shameless plug for one of my teaching ventures, Canvas.

Canvas is a fabulous event hosted by Julia Snyder and Leigh Miller. I taught for the inaugural event earlier this year, and it was a very well-organized, delightful week of stitching.

For Canvas 2019 I’ll be teaching two classes, Adagio and Circle Dance.

Adagio features a Kitty’s double fan doubled, layered partial Jessicas, ray stitches, and others in a beautiful palette of blues and browns.

I had a lot of fun designing and stitching this class!

My other class is Circle Dance, which begins with students painting their canvases. Every project will look different after it’s completed, when stitchers put their own personal touches on the canvas. Circle Dance features lots of circles (obviously), including detached buttonhole, Jessicas, Rhodes, and other stitches.

I hope you’ll consider joining us for these, and other terrific classes in January!

I had so much fun last year that I’m confident you’ll enjoy it too!

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