Some Happy News!

Debbie with Misty
Debbie with Misty

About a year ago I departed from stitching posts to share the news of the loss of our pet Sheltie Mandy. Today as I write my post I’m happy to announce the arrival of Misty, our new Sheltie puppy!

I know how important our fur babies are, because so many of you have shared with me your own stories. And I’ve seen your pictures of your stitching companions, and know about the accent fiber that decorates so many of our pieces! So I hope you’ll indulge me just a bit today – next week it will be back to stitching topics!


Misty is a 12 week old Shetland Sheep Dog, from Bella Rose Shelties in Ozark, MO. Her parents are champions, but she will not be a  show dog; she’s a pure pet. Her only job will be to keep us company, travel with us, play with us, talk to us (and Shelties do talk!), and live a life of luxury, at least by dog standards.  She’s sable in coloring, with a lot of “flash” – four white paws, a white tipped tail, and white collar. Even though she’s the same breed as our previous dogs, she looks nothing like them and is already exhibiting some personality!

Some will ask why we went to a breeder, and not a rescue or shelter dog. It’s quite simple – we love Shelties. My family got our first Sheltie when I was in high school, and members of my family have had 7 Shelties between us. We wanted a puppy, and breed rescues typically don’t have puppies. The breed rescue closest to us couldn’t do the site inspection they require, and only had senior dogs at this time. That’s not to say that at some time in the future we wouldn’t consider a rescue, but at this time this was right for us.

So we are delighted to welcome Misty home. We know where the “cute as a speckled pup” saying comes from! She’s quite feisty, but also very sweet. Shelties are typically very obedient, so we will see when the training begins. We’ve been going around town meeting friends, and she seems to be outgoing and friendly. We are thrilled, and ready to open our hearts to our third Sheltie love.

Next week – more stitching stuff!

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  1. Chicago Mermaid

    You were nice enough to extend your sympathy for the death of my Beagle last year. She was mis- diagnosed, was given enough prednisone for a 250 lb man, and through a lot of tears my beloved 9 year old Doggie died. You had told me about the death of your Sheltie and how you were going to wait till you felt a new puppy would come into your family. I am so happy to see your new baby! She is BEAUTIFUL! Now, you can enjoy the love and happiness our pets unconditionally give us. As far as not getting a rescue dog, I think it is up to an individual to decide what they feel is right before you welcome a pet that will be with you for life. There is really no need to explain why you decided to get a pure bred dog. The fact that you have made the choice to include a pet into your family is wonderful. For you and your new Sheltie. Have fun and please post photos of her as she grows?

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