Sonata – 3

Making progress on Sonata. I’ve added mistake pinwheels in between the waffle stitches.

Sonata progress 3

Mistake pinwheels are interesting Jean Hilton stitches. It’s worked from the outside in, pulling the previous stitches toward the middle. In theory it’s like a herringbone stitch, kind of a reverse herringbone square:

IMG_0600A herringbone square is built from the inside out, so all the stitches get gradually longer and lay outside of the previous stitches. In a mistake pinwheel, the stitches get gradually shorter, and lay inside of previous stitches.

It’s a devilish little stitch. As the stitches get shorter, it becomes harder to see where to put the needle to begin and end stitches, and requires some manipulation to get the needle where it needs to go. But the end result is definitely worth it. And I love it in the overdyed thread, because most of the color changes occur on top of the canvas, where you can see the changes better.

More progress tomorrow!


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