Sonata – 4

Continuing on with Sonata. More stitches, this time sprat’s heads between the double fan doubleds and the waffle stitches.

Sonata progress 4

And that leads to a wish for a different thread. I wanted to use a ribbon for the sprat’s heads. My go to is Neon Rays, but since these were right up against other stitches with Neon Rays I wanted to use a different texture. That left sparkly ribbons like FyreWerks or Neon Rays Plus, or nylon ribbons like Flair. I didn’t want to use Flair because I needed the ribbons to be more contained, not spread out like Flair sometimes does. And I didn’t really want to use sparkly ribbons because I didn’t want that texture. That left me wondering what other ribbons are available.

Silk ribbons are quite common in needlework, in various widths. For this application I thought the silk ribbons wouldn’t suit either. For one, it would have to be 2mm ribbons, and I don’t have access to a good selection of 2mm silk ribbons. Plus the texture is still shiny.

That left me wanting something that I don’t think exists, a woven cotton ribbon in widths like Neon Rays and Neon Rays Plus. Does anyone make any? And are they available in a wide range of colors? So far as I know, such a woven cotton ribbon doesn’t exist, something that would give the right color and texture without adding shine.

So I decided to use FyreWerks, since I had it in the colors I wanted to use. Not the most ideal choice but I think it will do.

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