Sonata – 5

Back to work on Sonata. In my original thoughts for the design I had several stitches that left open holes, like an Amadeus and crescents, and I decided to fill the holes with stitches to avoid open canvas. My first thought on filling the holes in the Amadeus stitches was a tear drop crescent, but that has a hole in it too. I modified the crescent to overstitch the hole, but decided I didn’t like the texture – too raised on the edges, and it just looked weird to me. I’ll probably further develop what I was working on for that stitch for later projects because I think there may have been promise for the stitch, it just didn’t suit what I wanted for this project.

So I kept the outside shape that I developed, but reworked the stitch. This is the result:

honeycomb stitch

The outside shape nicely fills the hole in the Amadeus, but is still fairly flat.

This is what it looks like stitched:

honecomb stitch Kreinik

I’ll show you what it looks like with the Amadeus around it later. For now, here’s a little bit about how I developed the stitch.

Working out a new stitch isn’t just about finding the shape and texture you want, you also have to make sense of the stitching of it. I like stitches that don’t require constantly looking back and forth at the diagram, so that stitching is easier. For this stitch, I had to make a couple of stabs at it before I worked out a reasonable stitching order, that would have the look I wanted.

For now I’m calling it a honeycomb stitch, but I’m not sure that’s the final name for it. It looks like lattice, but there are other lattice stitches and I want to avoid confusion in the naming of it. I’ll continue to give it some thought, to see what makes sense and is descriptive of the stitch.

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