Sonata – part 1

I’ve begun working on a new teaching piece, Sonata. A sonata is defined as a musical composition for a solo instrument. I’m thinking I’ll combine my interest in music with needlework and do a series of pieces named for musical compositions. Sonata is the first one. When I designed Sonata, I had in mind to do a series of circular motifs. The center is a layered Jessica with a waffle stitch at the hub. Sonata progress picture 1The colors are a little dark. The canvas is antique blue, with blue, aqua, green and lavender colors. I’ve had some fun auditioning stitches for the double fan doubleds, working out the shape I wanted and the color placement I desired. A challenge to starting to stitch was deciding which color way I wanted to stitch, because I’m designing in three color ways. Lately I’ve been experimenting with contiguous color schemes, those colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. So this color way explores the cool color options. I also have a warm color way, with yellow, orange, red and magenta, and a neutral color way, ecrus with a touch of olive. Sonata colors 2 Sonata colors 3 It’s always a challenge to decide which color way to stitch. I like all of them. But I haven’t worked with cool colors for a little while, so I decided to go with that color way. I’m enjoying the process and will keep you posted as I work.

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