When the house interferes with the stitching

A home based business is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because I can go to work in my pajamas! It’s a blessing because it’s more comfortable at home! It’s a blessing because I can set my own schedule! But it’s also a curse: I sometimes work 16 hour days because there’s no definite start and stop time, there are distractions here (dogs, tv, etc.), and sometimes the house itself interferes with what I want/need to be doing with DebBee’s Designs.

Sometime tomorrow my kitchen will be torn apart for a complete remodel. That means today, instead of working, I have to pack everything up in my kitchen and remove it. It also means the kitchen table and chairs, and the enormous china cabinet, will be moved to the living room, where I usually work. And it means there will be a lot of noise as they bust out walls and break up the tile floor to get ready to lay the new floor. And dust – who knows how much dust? And turmoil. And chaos. You get the picture.

Then, after the kitchen is underway, we’re also tearing up the living room for new floors, walls and ceiling. Where will I work? How will I be able to even think with all this going on for at least 3 weeks, possibly more, depending on how well things proceed.

So today, while I should be in the kitchen dragging 20 years worth of stuff out of the cabinets, I’d rather be stitching, or designing, or anything else. I hate moving, and this is basically an in-house move. It’s also the first time I’ve packed anything since our move from Kansas to Dallas way way way back in 1980.

Enough procrastination – time to get to work! Oh, and did I mention that I’m restricting my coffee intake? I may suspend that, just for today. How else will I get through this?

It will be marvelous when it’s finished, but between now and then it will be a complete disaster. Those of you who have been through remodeling, send me your good thoughts!

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