Starting something new – join me!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this prolonged stay home order is wearing me down. I’ve had classes cancelled, resulting in a lack of motivation to work and keep going. I’ve been dieting a bit and have been trying to avoid all the Easter candy, quarantine baking and eating everything in sight. In an attempt to self-soothe, I decided to give up on working for awhile and instead just design, because that makes me happy. As a result I have several new designs, all small, and have been trying to think of what to do with them.

I think I’ve come up with a strategy, and I invite you to join me. I’m going to stitch one of the new designs, and I’d love for you to come along with me. Usually when I release a new design, I’ve stitched the model so know all the threads I’m going to use, I’ve written instructions and drawn all the stitch diagrams. This time, you can stitch along with me. As the project unfolds you can see how I select threads to use and why, the steps of drawing the diagrams and writing the instructions. At the end of it, you can download everything and have a free chart. But if you want, you can stitch along with me.

I’m not going to post the finished design, yet, but will show you in pieces as I stitch, write and diagram. Each post will be enough for you to stitch from, but you won’t see it all until it’s finished. If you don’t like mysteries, you’re welcome to wait until everything is done before you download, but I think it might be fun to be in on the process start to finish.

Well, not quite start, because the design is already done. My procedure is to get everything graphed out first, and 95% of the time I don’t make any changes. But sometimes I do, if things aren’t working the way I want them to.

I design everything in black and gray, then add the color later. Since most of my designs are based more on shape and texture rather than color, this works pretty well. What it means for you, is that it’s really easy to change the colors if you want.

So why don’t you join me? The next post will give you a starting list of materials. Hopefully this will be fun for all of us!

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