Stitch along Monday – reverse waffle stitch

Oh no, another waffle stitch! But with a little difference – it’s stitched in reverse, which gives it a bit of a different look.

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This time instead of four stitches over 8 x 8 canvas threads, this is one large stitch over 16 x 16 canvas threads. And, it’s stitched with two threads at the same time. Thread one needle with 1 strand of the Rainbow Gallery Overture V26 Raspberry, and one needle with Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame’ Braid SL23 Dark Lavendar. Anchor both threads before beginning, with pin stitches in the center of the area to be covered. It will take about 40″ of each thread to stitch the entire reverse waffle stitch.

A reverse waffle is stitched the same as a regular waffle, but the first stitches are stitched last, and the last stitches are stitched first.

Here’s what I mean:

Reverse waffle first stitches

I stitched the first stitches as shown with the overdyed thread. Before ending the last stitch, I slid the needle under the first stitch of the round; this puts a thread on top of every stitch. I parked the needle by bringing it up two canvas threads below position 1.

Then I picked up the second needle and stitched the next round, again sliding the needle under the first stitch of that round before ending.

Reverse waffle next stitches

After stitching the round, I parked the needle by bringing the needle up two canvas threads below position 9.

Here’s what the first stitches look like:

First stitches reverse waffle

You can see my pin stitches in the center where they’ll be covered by the reverse waffle stitches.

Continue stitching around, parking the needle on top of the canvas as you end a round and before beginning the next round. Parking the needle on top of the canvas prevents thread tangling on the back side, which will have to be unpicked before proceeding and makes a mess. Parking the needle where you’ll need it next means you won’t have to unstitch before continuing on.

The last two stitches are the large cross stitch, which would have been the first stitches for a regular waffle.

Reverse waffle

Here’s what it looks like stitched with the overdyed and silk/metallic braids:

Reverse waffle stitched

This is the placement for the reverse waffle:

Reverse waffle placement

See, I can do something different, even though it’s still a waffle stitch!

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