Teaching projects continued


Last project I’ll be teaching for ANG National in Tucson – Fandango! I happen to love fans, double fans, double fan doubleds and variations, but some people find them challenging. This class is designed to take the challenge out of these lovely stitches, so you can stitch them with confidence when you encounter them. They really aren’t hard when you understand the construction of the stitch.

This one is a companion to Mostly Crescents (also teaching at ANG National 2020), Mostly Amadeus, Mostly Jessicas and Mostly Walnetos. And, it’s available in the same four color ways – grayscale with red accents as shown, monochromatic beiges/brown as pictured in Mostly Crescents, Bold shown in Mostly Jessicas, and Pastel shown in Mostly Walnetos (from the previous post).

If you’ve always struggled with these type of stitches, this is the class for you! It will be fun, I promise, and you’ll never have trouble with these again, no matter the design or who wrote the instructions. In fact, some of my previous students have gained so much confidence stitching double fan doubleds that they make them into quick ornaments!

I’m looking forward to seminar in Tucson, and hope you’ll be able to join us!

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