Mostly Crescents for ANG 2020 National Seminar

Last time I showed you Indie Pop, one of my classes for ANG National Seminar 2020 in Tucson. Today I’ll show you Mostly Crescents.

Mostly Crescents is part of a series I’ve designed based on a single Jean Hilton stitch. In this case, crescents! The “mostly” part is because I’ve used a few stitches to complete the design.

This is a one day class, and the piece when finished is about 4″ x 12″. It’s got friends – Mostly Amadeus, Mostly Walnetos, Mostly Jessicas and Fandango (more about this one next time).

If you look at the monochromatic color scheme and think “ewww – beige”, don’t worry, all in the series are available in four color ways. Choose grayscale with red, bold (orange, purple and turquoise) or pastel (lavender, pink, yellow, blue).

Here are pictures of some of the others in the series so you can see the color ways:

Mostly Amadeus
Mostly Jessicas

Mostly Walnetos

I had so much fun with this series! I’ve taught Mostly Amadeus and the class seemed to have a great time. So I’m really looking forward to sharing this in Tucson!

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