New class with Shining Needle Society!

I’m so pleased to announce that I am offering a new class with Shining Needle Society. Criss Cross is a smallish design (8″ x 8″), filled with fun stitches. I stitched the model in purple with yellow accents, but it’s also available in blue with yellow or green with yellow.

I recently taught this class for a Tucson area chapter, and we had loads of fun with it! I got to see the other color ways in progress and was pleased with how they were turning out. Also, one of the stitchers, Jan S., chose aqua with black threads for her own color way, and it was spectacular! She had so much fun stitching she finished the project in 2 weeks!
Criss Cross color options

Jan has given us permission to use her color/thread list, so that’s a fourth option on colors. Or, you can do what several in the class did and choose your own color way. The thread list is limited in palette so it’s easy to create your own out of stash or during a shopping frenzy at your local shop. I’ll be happy to send a thread list so you can create your own color way. You can read about Jan’s stitching this project at her blog,

The Shining Needle Society is a wonderful partnership for me, and I think the many students involved like it as well. Here’s a link to the announcement, so you can read all the details for yourself and see Jan’s color way.

I’m planning to do video stitch demonstrations of the more challenging stitches, like double fan doubled, crescents and such. So even if you’ve never done these kinds of stitches, you’ll have a video of me doing it, close up, that you can repeat as needed until you’ve mastered the stitch. It’s just like having me stitch beside you!

If you have any questions feel free to email me, or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. I’m looking forward to this class!

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Stash Sale!

Back when I first started out, I kitted most of my designs. Retailers didn’t want to buy kits, unfortunately for me, and I have a bunch of supplies from kitting left over. After several years of the threads and fabrics taking up space, I started organizing my thread room to get rid of things I no longer needed.

I have a big list of threads, most in kitting quantities (big hanks), and some fabrics as well. I also found some Lee’s leather bags, the kind you put a stitched insert in. All are listed along with the prices. Prices don’t include shipping.

Everything is from a non-smoking home. Some of the threads have the hang tag attached, some don’t. But all are very usable.

If you like doing monochromatic designs, you can clean up! And help me “rehome” things that I won’t use, and that you might find great use for!

If you’d like a list, email me at either, or

Thanks in advance!

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Did you miss the Explorations class?

ExplorationsI recently completed teaching Explorations for the Shining Needle Society. We had a great cyber class, and several student have completed their project already.

If you missed it, I’ll be teaching Explorations in person for Needlework Hideaway, a retreat in the Memphis area. The retreat organizers are allowing ghosts, so even if you can’t make it to Memphis you can still take the class. I created video stitch diagrams of some of the more complex stitches for the cyber class, and I can send those to you if you decide to ghost the class.

Explorations is 10″ x 10″ on 18 ct. canvas. I used several textures of threads, cotton floss, pearl cotton, rayon ribbons, rayon pearls, rayon floss, and metallics (of course!).  Lots of different stitches to keep you interested – Waffle, Jessica, Amadeus, herringbone leaves, walneto, crescents, celestial star eyelets, trellis, mosaic, pavilion diamonds, oriental, Milanese, criss cross hungarian, 6 trip herringbone, scotch, greek.

I’m offering it in 3 color ways, pictured here. The model was stitched in the Jewel color way. Too much color for you? Try the Ecru color way. Want more color but in the same palette? The Autumn color way is for you. Don’t like any of these colors? Choose the chart only option and I’ll help you select your own palette.

Explorations Ecru colorwayExplorations Autumn colorwayExplorations Jewel colorway

I’m excited to be teaching for Needlework Hideaway. I’ve taught for Hideaway and attended Hideaway several times. This year they have changed location because they were at capacity at their original venue. The Memphis retreat center will be easier to reach than the previous site, and Tracey and Pat have offered to pick up guests at the Memphis airport for those who want to fly in. This is an awesome retreat, very relaxed and congenial, so if you’re looking for a sweet getaway in the fall, try the Needlework Hideaway!

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Where has Debbie been?

You’re probably wondering if I fell off the face of the earth, it’s been so long since I updated my blog! I’ve been busy, busy, busy, but I’ll try to keep my blog updated on a more regular basis.

First, I’ve been working on the Needle Arts Mystery Retreat. This annual event requires a lot of time, coordination with my partner teachers, stitching, and tons of details to insure our stitchers have a great time. This year we were in Phoenix, and I’ll share more about our projects later. I have other news to share this time!


I’m always preparing new designs, and have two new designs for the Norden Crafts Online Show in August.  I’ll share one now, and one in a couple of days.

The first one is Enticing Garden, a counted canvas design stitched with all Rainbow Gallery Entice thread. Entice is a rayon/metallic braid, similar to Silk Lame’ Braid. This rayon is much easier to work with than other rayons, and the sparkle is divine!

Enticing Garden features crescents in various sizes, Jessicas, Rhodes stitches and French knots (don’t worry, you can use beads instead if you want). This is a quick stitch, just about 5 1/2″ square, perfect for a box top or small framed project. Of course all the stitches are completely diagrammed for you. You’ll love stitching with Entice! And, Rainbow Gallery is bringing out even more colors of this new thread introduced this year.

Stay tuned for more info! Check out the Norden Crafts Online Show website, and get your credit cards revved up!

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Design update 4 – The Goddesses



And now for something a little different! I indulged my whimsical side with these designs – Garden Goddess, Domestic Goddess and Kitchen Goddess, all in the same leaflet. These are all cross stitch with backstitch, no specialty stitches at all. Each Goddess has three ornaments included, so a total of nine designs in the leaflet. Kitchen Goddess has a chocolate chip cookie, an apple and a cupcake. Garden Goddess has a pansy, a leaf and a daisy. Domestic Goddess has a heart, a double heart and a house. The ornaments can be stitched separately (instructions included for finishing as an ornament), or stitched with the project.

The Goddesses measure about 7 1/2″ x 3 1/2″, with each ornament about 2″. I stitched them on 28 ct. white Belfast. Garden Goddess and Domestic Goddess are displayed on table pedestals from Ackfeld Wire (source info included on the leaflet), and Kitchen Goddess is on an apron (purchased). I stitched the Kitchen Goddess separately, then stitched the finished piece to the apron so I could put the eyelet ruffle around it, but it would certainly work with waste canvas and stitched directly to the apron.

I had fun with these! Deciding how to decorate the sayings took a little thought, and I’m happy with the way they turned out.

Next time I’ll start discussing some of my teaching projects, and upcoming teaching engagements!

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