When a Project Becomes a Prototype….

The retreat weekend is over, and I learned several things in addition to getting lots of KissingBallstitching done!

First, I took a class in peyote beading. I enjoyed the class, but I won’t be adding any peyote beading patterns to my designing efforts, or taking up beading in my spare time. I do hope to finish the bracelet we were working on, and when (if?) I get it finished I’ll post a picture here. I love jewelry, especially bracelets, since they don’t seem to be as fussy as necklaces.

I stitched several more models for the free charts I’ll be giving to the shop owners who stop by my booth at the January and February TNNA trade shows. One of the models is a color cross stitch version, similar to the mono-chromatic versions I posted previously. Another version is specialty stitches on linen, and the final one is specialty stitches on canvas. When I finish the models I’ll post pictures.

I worked on a deadline that was looming, a cross stitch alphabet for publication by Cross Stitch and Needlecraft for their 2013 Keepsake Calendar. I can’t show pictures here, but it turned out super cute and colorful! That project is now finished on its way to them.

Then I took another class, on finishing an ornament into a kissing ball. I was very enthused about this class for a number of reasons. I love being able to do my own finishing, especially for ornaments, and a round finish was something I haven’t been able to do. I wanted to see how adaptable the finish would be, hopefully to use for ovoid shapes next year (think Easter eggs!). I saw some potential for this finish, to release a set of four ornaments with an accompanying Christmas stocking next year, then possibly another set in other patterns and colors in subsequent years.

As it turns out, my design is a prototype. I discovered that the Rhodes stitches raise the stitching too much off the ball, so I won’t be using Rhodes stitches. My design was too large, so I need to reduce the scale a bit. I had to leave class, run to Wal-Mart and get a larger ball to fit my too-large stitching! I didn’t have the right kinds of trims, but a friend was kind to give me some of hers. All useful lessons, and now I know what I need to do to make better designs for a round finish. My “prototype” will be used for our ANG chapter ornament exchange, so I hope the recipient has a very large tree!


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