Retreat Weekend!

This week I’m looking forward to a stitching retreat. And like the rest of stitchers, the first thing I consider is which stitching projects I’ll be taking with me! Here’s a peek at what’s in my stitching bag:

First, I’m working on an alphabet project for Cross Stitch and Needlework’s Keepsake Calendar for 2013. This fun and funky cross stitch design features a different style for each letter, bright colors, and a couple of specialty stitches. I’m hoping it stitches up fast.

When I want to switch things up, I have a couple of free designs I’m prepping for next year’s trade shows. I’ve already stitched two cross stitch versions, finished into an ornament. One I stitched in a single color, and the other in a single color Assissi-style. For the retreat I plan to stitch a full color version in cross stitch and another with specialty stitches. And because I just couldn’t stop myself, I plan to stitch another version on canvas. All of these designs will be available at the Phoenix and Nashville shows in January and February next year, and then as downloads on the website.

I’ve been in a Hardanger mood as well, so I’ve slipped a new Hardanger design into the project bag. This one is on 28 ct. hand-dyed Lavender Sunset Jobelan, with purple and green silk, metallic and cotton threads. I may throw some beads on it as well before I’m finished.

At the retreat I’m taking a couple of classes. I’ll be learning to finish a kissing ball, a round ornament finish. Of course I designed my own counted canvas design, white and gold with silks, metallics and beads. That led to another one, and I think I’ll probably take the second chart and supplies with me as well to maybe start stitching on that one. I promise a picture of the finished project next week! The other class is a beaded bracelet – but I’m not going to start designing beading. It just seemed like a fun thing to do, my friends are taking the class, and another friend is teaching it.

Retreats are a great time to recharge, get lots of stitching done, and maybe some inspiration for new projects. I hope a retreat is in your future!


2 thoughts on “Retreat Weekend!”

  1. I recently purchased your” Charmed Baby Girl” sampler. I would like to change the “Baby Girl” lettering to my granddaughter’s name. Do you have a complete alphabet for this style of lettering? If so, I would need it specifically for the name Norah Katherine Williams. Thank you.

    1. I’m headed to a trade show and will be out of pocket for more than a week, but I’ll try to graph this for you when I get back. If I keep it the same size as the “Baby Girl” letters it will be huge! Do you want it that big or would smaller be ok? Think about it while I’m gone, and I’ll email you when I get back so we can work out the details of what you want.

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