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Welcome to our new and improved website! We’re taking a couple of big steps, with the ability to blog and with a shopping cart for our customers.

Before I talk about those steps, though, let me show you around a little. The designs are all up to date, including the new designs we showed at Fall Market in Baltimore. All of the fun designs on canvas are in Canvaswork, except for the Glitz & Glamour designs which are on their own page. In Samplers you’ll find designs with specialty stitches on fabric, and the Charmed series (Charmed Wedding, Teacher, etc.). Cross Stitch designs are on the Cross Stitch page, Hardanger designs on the Hardanger page, Punch Needle designs on the Punch Needle page (I know, too obvious!), and so on. If you know the title or a key word, you can search that way too. Of course, we hope that you’ll spend some time and browse through all of the designs, that something will catch your eye and you’ll feel the urge to pick up your needle!

Another new feature is the shop locator, with a convenient map feature to help find the shops closest to you. Several on-line shops stand ready to serve you as well, so you can find DebBee’s Designs charts and everything you need to stitch them. If you carry our designs and find you are not listed in the locator, contact us and we will add you.  If you find an error in your listing, let us know about that also.

For our stitching friends if you set up an account you will be able to comment on blog entries as well as designs, we would love to have your feedback.  However, you will not see retail prices because we do not sell direct to consumers.  Please support your local needle work shop or if you don’t have one near you there are online sources for DebBee’s Designs listed on the Shop Locator page.

For our wholesale customers, we’re excited to announce the new shopping cart feature! After setting up an account you’ll be able to see the prices and place your orders directly from this website, using your account’s terms. And don’t worry about security because your purchasing information is not stored on this site. Plus, you’ll see at a glance those items that have specialty threads that you can get through me if you want.

Finally, I’ll be blogging about my activities as a designer, teacher and stitcher. My plans are to blog at least once a week, but I’m hoping for more as time allows and I find new uses for this means of communication. The new website will allow me to make changes to the website more quickly, so I’ll be posting more pictures and can respond faster to changes in the shop locator, adding dates to the events calendar and other things that may prove to be interesting to the stitching community. Plus, we welcome your comments to our designs and products, the blog, events and other stitchy things that relate to DebBee’s Designs.

Thanks for your support so far, and here’s hoping that this next chapter will be as exciting as the previous ones!

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