A change from what I originally planned

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Trame’ band

Sometimes it happens that I will change a design. It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally as I’m stitching something doesn’t work like I want, or I have a different idea. That is what happened here.

I had the entire design ready before I began stitching, all laid out and graphed. This is better for me than “stitching on the fly” then graphing. I need to know that everything will fit before I start, to save ripping out. And this time, I decided to make a change.

The band begins with long laid lines of 4 strands of floss. There are three of them, laid satin stitch style.

The numbers on the diagram indicate how to stitch satin stitch style.

The next step is to stitch over the laid lines. I did not stitch all that I could, but stitched two lines, skipped a place, stitched two lines, and so on down the edge.

If you like, you don’t have to skip places. And if you prefer, use a different color – it’s your project at this point!

We’re almost finished, just a little more to go.

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