A word about Kit of the Month 2021

January – Welcome Winter

I wanted to explain a bit about Kit of the Month 2021. This is new for me! And thank you for your wonderful response! I’m getting February’s project ready and will release it on Monday, but wanted to say a little bit about the Kit of the Month.

First, it’s not a club. I’ll release a new kit every month, but at this time we don’t have a mechanism in place for preorders. So you’ll need to order every month, for now. We may be able to get something in place so you will receive them automatically, but for now we don’t.

All of the projects are small, about 4″ square. I’ll keep this size all year. None of them will be overtly religious (no Easter or Christmas) or nationalistic (no Fourth of July), so I hope you’ll consider adding all of them to your collection through the year. Each month will have a theme appropriate to the month and/or season.

We’re going to try to keep the cost about the same. Some months may be a tiny bit more, depending on what I use, but I’m keeping the cost in mind as I choose threads and/or embellishments.

Some of you have asked about the finish – I’m including finishing instructions in the kits. I’m doing the finishing myself, and admittedly I’m not a great finisher, but I think it’s doable with a few minimal supplies.

The display is an easel I bought at the local big box craft store, a plain 8″ wooden easel. I painted it white with acrylic craft paint. I like things simple! I also wanted to be able to change the ornament (is it an ornament?) every month without the expense of framing. I’d love to see any display ideas you come up. I had also thought it would be cute to hang on a clothesline type of display, or some kind of fabric wall hanging, but decided to start with the simplest thing I could. Since I found an appropriate easel I could paint at the local store, I went with that for this year.

The kits will be available all year, not just in the month they are released. So if you’re late to the party, and decide you’d like to “catch up”, you’ll be able to do that. There is nothing in the kits that is of limited supply or exclusive – well, maybe the snowman’s arms and nose, but we’re making those in house so we can make more!

Thanks again for the outstanding response! I can’t wait for you to see February’s Kit of the Month!

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  1. Myrtis Justiniano

    I will wait until after Monday, but I want to order the January kit., I do not do things on the internet. Will plan on sending you a check, if that is okay.

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