Finishing the left edge of the On Point Wallet stitch along

On Point Wallet Design Area C

Click here for On Point Wallet design Area C

It’s always exciting when you’re stitching and get to finish an edge! That’s where we are today, the left edge of the design is finished.

This gives me an opportunity to measure it against the wallet opening, to make sure it will fit. If it’s a little larger that’s fine – it means no canvas will show through the opening. But if it’s a little smaller, I’ll need to make some extra stitches to adjust so no canvas will show.

Guess what – it fits! So I’m pretty happy about that!

Today’s area is filled with a bordered diamonds variation. That’s the closest I could come in my stitch reference books, with a couple of differences.

In my reference book, the “border” stitches, the straight stitches around the diamonds, were over 2 canvas threads and I made mine over 4. And, the diamonds weren’t divided. I chose to divide the diamonds to keep the stitches from being too long to safely ride around in my purse.

The first part, the first border stitches, I stitched with a dark brown color. Some of the stitches tuck under the byzantine stitches, to blend the edges together a bit better.

You can also see where I parked my needle to begin the next row of straight stitches. I explain parking the needle thoroughly in the instructions this week.

These are the divided diamonds under the first row of border stitches. It adds a bit of texture to what could be a boring stitch. I used a medium orange color for the divided diamonds.

And here’s the completed area again. You can see the entire left edge of the design here. If you’re stitching along to fill a particular opening, now’s a good time to take a measure to make sure everything will fit properly.

Here are the diagrams for today’s area, not nearly as many as last week!

Entire Area C

Hint – next week we’ll get away from just straight stitches!

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