Anchoring with pin stitches – Part 2 – T stitches

T stitch

A T stitch is another form of pin stitches, one that is ideal for under a flatter stitch like a waffle stitch, or a flat area like satin stitch. It’s also good when the thread is bulky and 3 times over the same canvas thread will make a noticeable bump.

Place the T stitch where it will be covered by the stitch. In this example, a waffle stitch, the T stitch is placed about in the center where it will be covered by the waffle stitch. The dots mark the outer edges of the waffle stitch.

After the waffle stitch is completed the T stitch is completely covered, and depending on the number of strands and/or thickness of the thread, virtually invisible.

In this example, a Smyrna, the T stitch has completely disappeared because it is covered by the vertical and horizontal stitches. A Smyrna is not as raised or textured as a Rhodes stitch, so a T stitch is a good option for anchoring the thread.

Believe it or not, there are still more pin stitches to discuss, but we’ll continue next week!

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