Pin Stitches – Part 3 – L stitches

L Stitch

A third form of pin stitch is an L stitch. This may fit better in some circumstances than a T stitch, and is flatter than a pin stitch 3 times over the same canvas thread. The L stitch is a combo of the other two types of pin stitch.

Some of you may be familiar with an L stitch, but have not been instructed to still take 3 stitches when forming an L stitch. Three stitches makes the L stitch a better anchor than two, especially with slippery threads like rayon ribbons and other rayons.

To form an L stitch, make one stitch over a single canvas thread, then a second stitch meeting the end of the first stitch at a 90 degree angle, making an L. For extra security repeat the first stitch, making the third stitch over the same thread as the first stitch.

Where should you use an L stitch? A T stitch is still preferred under very flat surfaces, like waffle stitches or satin stitches. But for just about any other application an L stitch will work.

For instance, under a Rhodes stitch – the L stitch is centered under the Rhodes stitch and completely disappears. You can just see the tip of L peeking out under the center vertical stitch.

Here the L stitch is under a Smyrna. Again, you can see in the diagram where the top of the L stitch is barely visible, but in actuality the finished stitch completely covers the L stitch.

We have one more type of pin stitch to cover next week, then we’ll talk about using pin stitches to end a thread.

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