Another narrow border stitch

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On Point Wallet – diagonal Greek border

Today’s portion of the stitch along is another small, very narrow border stitch. I like the contrast between the very light upright diamond rays last week, and the very dark turquoise this week. If the border were wider I might not like the very dark color, but I think it will work just fine here.

A diagonal Greek stitch can seem daunting or confusing, but it’s quite simple – a vertical stitch crossed by a slanted stitch. Try to understand the rhythm of it and it should go quite fast.

Begin with a small compensating stitch. It’s necessary to start here so all of the vertical stitches are crossed the same way. You may think it wouldn’t be noticeable, because it’s so small and at the bottom edge, but because the floss reflects the light differently from a vertical stitch to a slanted stitch, it is noticeable. So start with the compensating stitch, and go from there.

After the first small compensating stitch (1), then the first slanted stitch (3), the pattern develops starting with the first vertical stitch over 2 canvas threads (5).

Continue all the way up to the edge. The last slanted stitch protrudes a bit beyond the diagonal edge, but will be covered later. And it was easier to just do the whole slanted stitch, knowing it will be covered later, than try to adjust the length of it.

Here’s the whole diagonal Greek border, in relation to the previous stitches.

This stitch should go quickly, and we’ll have more next week!

2 thoughts on “Another narrow border stitch”

  1. Hi,
    I really enjoy the weekly stitch along designs and I was wondering if you could put a tag or some kind of link to each design so they can be found quickly? It’s a bit of a pain to keep hitting the previous button on the blog to find an older design or where one starts.

    Thanks for considering it

    1. Thanks for the suggestion – we are already working on a way to access all of the completed free charts, just haven’t had a chance to do it yet. Thanks!

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