Are you afraid of the dark?

Or should I say black canvas? We are currently registering for Fantasia with Shining Needle Society and you have the option of black canvas or white canvas.

While I don’t have a model stitched on white, here’s about what it would look like on white canvas:

Fantasia simulation on white

I think it still looks pretty good! So if you haven’t signed up for Fantasia yet because you don’t want to stitch on black, we have options for you!

I hope you’ll consider joining us for class. We’re registering now through March 14, and all the details are on the registration information.

1 thought on “Are you afraid of the dark?”

  1. I’ve taken classes from Debbie in the past and have loved her videos that she provides to be AWESOME!!! Don’t hesitate to take one of her classes, you won’t be sorry!!!

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