Could I get some suggestions?

I’m getting ready to stitch a new design, and I’m completely stumped as to color scheme. There are tons of color schemes I like, but I’m having trouble narrowing it down. And, I need to get the threads pulled and start stitching pronto, so it’s decision time!

So, I’m asking for help – what are some color schemes that you like? It’s a counted canvas design and would lend itself to just about anything.

I generally look for 2 to 3 colors. The color scheme could be analogous (next to each other on the color wheel), complementary, split complementary, or even more neutral with an accent color.

What colors are you feeling this time of year? Lend a designer a hand! Just leave a comment, or send me an email. And thanks in advance for your help!

One other thing I could use a little help with – we’re currently registering for Symphony, an online class with Shining Needle Society. If you’ve taken the class, would you mind leaving a review? Reviews help people make decisions, and help me find where I need to improve. Just go to the Symphony page, and leave a review for me if you would be so kind. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Could I get some suggestions?”

  1. Cynthia Carter

    My mother and I have always liked the combination of blue, lavender and pink. A splash of green or black with them would update and liven them up.

    1. I just completed a project with blue, lavender, pink, yellow and green, all soft pastels, and you’re right about a touch of black setting things off!

    1. I’m working on a blues and tans right now, and am leaning toward fall shades for this new project – thanks!

  2. I know what you mean Debbie about trying to find new and interesting color schemes!! Right now I’m loving all colors of periwinkle. Definitely blue- lavenders of palest to deep regal blue- lavenders. Looks good with muted yellow or yellow-greens, icy blue-lavenders, maybe a touch of black or even a pastel peach color! I may just have to sign up for “Symphony” in those awesome copper tones. Can I pay you half now and the other half at the first of June? Let me know.

  3. elizabeth.j.pyatt

    Are there any interesting photos or art pieces with unusual colors? That could be an inspiration.

    1. I’ve done that before, not just the colors but the shapes. I’ve settled on a color way, but think I’ll stitch it again in a different color way, based on my favorite coffee cup!

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