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I’m busy getting my classes ready for seminar this year. Several of you have indicated that attending seminar isn’t possible due to a variety of reasons, but now I can bring a seminar class to you!

I taught Symphony for the EGA National Seminar in 2021. This is a complex and interesting project with a wide variety of stitches and thread textures, and we’re partnering with Shining Needle Society again to offer this class.

You can read all the details about the class in our on-line classes section. My online classes include several weekly Zoom sessions, in this case 8 weeks due to the complexity of the project; video stitch demonstrations to show you exactly how to do the stitch; extensive written instructions, more than 200 pages of large diagrams and instructions, and of course personal help from me as needed through the class.

We’re registering for the class now, but it won’t begin until the fall, probably around the first of October. It just takes that long for supplies to be ordered, received and kits shipped. I wish we could shorten the time span, but that’s our reality for now.

So please consider joining us the class – it’s going to be a good one, and you can have a seminar level class!

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