Friday Finishing!

OK, so it’s not a stitching finish. But I have to brag on Vonna Pfeiffer, the Twisted Stitcher, for the fabulous finishing job of Quilt Block 1.

Quilt Block 1

I asked Vonna if she could do a flat fold or stand up finish. Now, I’ve done some finishing myself but far prefer stitching and designing. I can do it, I’m just not great at it, and I find it a little bit fiddly for me. Vonna, however, is an EXPERT.

She lined the inside and back with a gorgeous fabric. I just don’t have access to a lot of fabric choices, living in a very rural sparsely populated area, no fabric stores, just what’s available at big box stores.

Back of the flat fold finish
Side view – see the pretty ribbon holding the sides together!

The front is beautifully edged with twisted cord.

Twisted cord edging

All of the edges are so neat and tight. Great job Vonna! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

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