Stitch Along Monday – and a little promo

Hello stitching friends! The last two stitch alongs have been great fun, so I’ve decided to make it a lasting feature, at least for the time being. But, I also have to do other things, so I’ve decided to make my stitch along posts on Mondays. Plus, my husband suggested that limiting it to once a week would allow others who may not stitch as fast as I do to keep up. Great idea!

Before I get into the next stitch along, though, I want to make sure you know about my new class with Shining Needle Society. Registration continues through next Monday for Adagio.

Click here for complete info on the Adagio class with Shining Needle Society


With the promo out of the way, let’s get into the new stitch along!

Way back a long time ago I created a little class project called Harlequin Dance. I didn’t teach it very much, and I’ve been wanting to redo it. So, I decided that you could stitch it with me as I revamp it. Some of the threads I used initially are no longer available, so it would have to be revised at any rate.

Here are the original Harlequin Dance projects, in a warm color palette and a cool color palette. You’ll notice some differences in the designs, and this was intentional, to allow stitchers to make some of their own choices.

Now I’m ready to start the revision. I may keep some of the areas the same, will probably change some of them.

I had a piece of 18 ct. eggshell mono canvas that I’ve already mounted to stretcher bars. This project is small, just over 4 1/2″ square, and I happened to have a piece of canvas the right size. My canvas was 11″ x 11″, but I couldn’t find my 11″ stretcher bars, so I trimmed it a bit to fit on my 10″ bars – I’ll still have plenty of room.

When I started looking for threads, I had several purple and lilac threads already pulled for a different project. However, I decided that I didn’t like the lilac, so I ditched it. As I was looking through my collection of Rainbow Gallery Mandarin flosses, I spied this card:

I didn’t know Mandarin Floss was available in a variegated color! And, it happened to have some purple in it, and some orange and fuchsia. So I started pulling threads in those colors. And remembered that these colors were the in the original project, in the warm palette. Here’s the Mandarin Floss next to the original Rainbow Gallery Overture:

Pretty close, right? So I decided to go with those colors. All of this is from my stash, which I admit is pretty extensive. But I’ve seen what some of the rest of you have put together from stash in the last two stitch along projects, and I think your stash may rival mine!

Anyway, here are the threads I’ve pulled to start with:

I may or may not use all of these in this small project, but I like having options. In my bag I have Mandarin Floss M927, M806, M866 and M814; Neon Rays N05, N15 and N83; FyreWerks FT9 and FT69, and because I didn’t have a FyreWerks in the right color, Neon Rays+ NP09; Glisten in G58 and G59, and because I didn’t have a Glisten in the right color, Silk Lame’ Braid SL23; Flair F574 (don’t know if I’ll use it but I loved the color so added it); Overture V26, and Kreinik #4 and #8 in 012, 024 and 027.

To create your own color palette, start with an overdyed or variegated thread (silk, cotton or bamboo), and go from there. I’ll post the first stitches next week, on Monday.

I’ve been wanting to tackle this for some time. The original design is copyrighted in 2008, so it’s about time. Can’t wait to start!

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